Cozy Presents for Every Personality on Your List

Cozy Presents for Every Personality on Your List

Finding the perfect gift is challenging any time of year, and the holidays are no exception. Everyone is different - and the most thoughtful gifts are the ones that perfectly suit your recipient's individual taste and personality.

Despite all our differences, we all need to sleep! Your loved ones will never forget any gift that can be used daily and make them feel cozy!

If you’re in need of gift ideas, QE Home has you covered.. From your busy-bee friends, to your stylish sweethearts, we’re sure to help them get the rest they deserve.

The Friend On-The-Go

There’s always that someone who’s got every hour of their calendar booked. It’s hard for them to sit still and they refuse to take a break, but you can clearly tell that they deserve more sleep than they’re getting. The best gift for them would be a much-needed nap….or at least a way to take their coziness to-go!

Bedside Felt Pockets

This versatile storage accessory, which attaches beneath mattresses and couches cushions, holds all the books, devices, and stationery your productive pal may need by their side.

Faux Rabbit Comforter Sets

If their time is at a premium, our one-and-done Faux Rabbit Comforter Sets feature a lovable plush texture, and are machine-washable for quick, easy care.

Silk Scrunchies

Made with the same Mulberry Silk as our Silk Moon Pillowcases (the finest grade of silk available), these scrunchies will help their hair stay healthy & smooth - even if their day makes them break a sweat.

The Style-Savvy Sleeper

These fashionistas put the “beauty” in “beauty sleep”. They never compromise looks for comfort, and are experts at getting the best of both worlds. After all, they feel most comfortable when they look their best! When choosing gifts for cat(walk)nappers, you’re going to need the perfect mix of serene & stylish, just like them.

Silk Pillowcases

Besides its beautiful shine and colour, silk pillowcases are hypoallergenic and super gentle on skin and hair, keeping them looking and feeling good.

Calme Weighted Quilts

With its stylish silver scale pattern, our weighted quilt provides the ultimate deep sleep, and does it with flair.

Hatfield Bedding Collection

White windows, satin-stitched silver herringbone frames, and luxurious long-staple cotton sateen will have them feeling like they’re a celebrity staying at the Ritz.

The Work-From-Home Wizard

This buddy’s dreams came true the day they started to work from home. The commute from bed to desk has never been easier - just rollover and clock-in! If you can make their workspace even cozier, they’ll welcome you to their office with open arms.

Frosted Shaggy Throws

Whether working on the bed, at their desk, on the couch, on the porch (you name it!), these throws are a fun and fluffy way to stay bundled throughout the day.

BeechBliss TENCEL™ Modal Sheets

With their silky cool touch and impressive moisture-wicking surface, your busiest worker bee can cleanly slide from bed sheets to spreadsheets, no sweat.

Rabbit Plush Slippers

Even if your wizard needs to keep their clothes professional, cozy feet are a great option. Our Rabbit Plush Slippers offer the perfect amount of off-camera comfort.

The Eco-Friendly Icon

These gold-hearted heroes are serious about sustainability, and love to live a greener lifestyle. They think about the planet as much as they think about themselves, and are always standing up for a cleaner and better future. The perfect gift should take care of both them and the earth!

Recycled Polyester Comforter Sets

Made from recycled water bottles and plastics , these budget-friendly gifts provide total comfort in stylish patterns & textures, while diverting waste from landfills.

Organic Cotton Duvet Covers

Grown without toxic pesticides or fertilizers, our Organic Cotton line is as healthy for the planet as it is sensationally soft. Plus, it comes in all kinds of minimalist styles & colours to fit that minimalist lifestyle.

Linen Love Wool Dryer Ball Sets

Their wool spheres are an all-natural alternative to dryer sheets, and a small way to save plenty of power by significantly shortening your drying time.

The Self-Care Guru

Whenever you ask this friend for advice, they always tell you to treat yourself. They’re experts in the arts of unwinding and self-love and they readily share this expertise because they sleep better when you do.

Silk Eye Masks

Made with our bestselling Mulberry Silk, these accessories are must-haves for anyone that wants to pamper themselves while getting shut-eye anytime, anywhere.

Balance Weighted Blankets

For those who are serious about their rest, our Balance Weighted Blanket is one of the most therapeutic sleep solutions, offering a calming sensation through Deep Pressure Stimulation.

Pearl Mulberry Silk Duvet

Made with long strands of mulberry silk and a smooth cotton shell, this duvet has stellar temperature regulation and naturally drapes over the contours of your body for a smooth, luxurious sleep every night.

Gifts For The Wistful Winter Lover

As soon as the last leaf of autumn falls, you can hear the jingle bells ringing in their head. These jolly folks simply adore winter, from the snowy weather to the cheery tunes. They drink hot cocoa year-round just to remember the feeling of their favorite season. Help them deck the halls with a gift that’ll be sure to put them in the winter mood.

Holiday Sherpa Throws

For those who never want to hide their holiday spirit, our holly red Sugar Snow and evergreen Tree Time patterns will bring a subtle festive charm.

Holiday Coverlet Sets

If your loved ones frequent the cabin or ski lodge, our cheerful-looking coverlets are the perfect no-fuss addition for a night in front of the fireplace.

Alps Duvet Cover

Every morning they’ll be waking in a winter wonderland with this scenic duvet cover featuring a deep teal forest under a snowy white sky.

Still having trouble finding the right giftl? Make your special someone’s dream come true by checking out our Holiday Gift Guide or booking a free virtual consultation with our Sleep Stylists.

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