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Our B Corp Certification

As Canada’s first B Corp Certified bedding brand, QE Home is proud to be part of a global movement that’s transforming the world by changing the way we think about business.

By meeting high standards of social and environmental impact and leading by example, we’re benefitting not just our customers, but our people, communities, and planet. Keep scrolling to learn what this milestone means, and our commitment to responsible, sustainable, and purpose-driven commerce.

So, what is a B Corp?

B Corp is a third-party certification that signifies companies driven by a strong sense of purpose beyond profit — in other words, those that account for the needs of the people and planet too.

Issued by the non-profit organization B Lab, this stamp of sustainability means a business has demonstrated excellent social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

We’re thrilled to be a part of a global movement inspiring and leading other companies to do more and do better, by considering the impact of everything we do.

Why is it good to be a B Corp?

When you choose a product or buy from a brand, you’re not just making a purchase – you’re casting a vote for what values you believe should succeed in the world.

So, as the gold standard for sustainable business practices, a B Corp Certification independently verifies that a company is *actually*committed to being a force of good.

From pursuing responsible production practices and championing inclusivity, to providing high-quality experiences and giving back to communities, this certification empowers consumers to support companies that are accountable. Those that consider all stakeholders, including employees, customers, society, and the environment, in all they do.

In other words, it’s not enough to say you care. To become a B Corp Certified business, you need to demonstrate it through your actions, by talking the talk and walking the walk.

“For more than 30 years, people have trusted us with their comfort and well-being. Joining this community of companies driving positive impact means people can trust us beyond just their sleep. We look forward to constantly learning, improving, and pushing the envelope not just for our industry but for all businesses.”

- Christina Xu, COO

What does it take to become a B Corp?

Receiving a B Corp Certification involves undergoing a rigorous assessment by B Lab. This process results in a business being scored across five pillars: Governance, Workers, Environment, Customers, and Community.

(In other words, it’s a bit like being audited by the taxman!)

So, to become B Corp Certified, a company needs to demonstrate they’ve made a positive, meaningful impact across all those pillars. They must meet high standards in areas such as environmental sustainability, worker treatment, community engagement, value alignment, and customer care. In other words, they must dedicate themselves to doing right by all those affected by their business.

What’s more, becoming a B Corp is not a one-time thing. After the initial assessment, a business must recertify every three years to prove they’re still living up to those high standards.

“Our industry is crowded with greenwashing, false promises, and intentionally blurry claims. Behind this certification is the trust that we are keeping our promises, with actions based in science…the end result is sustainable business.”

- Joseph Casson, Sustainability Manager

Curious how we measured up?




For more in-depth information, read our complete B Impact report here.

Behind our B Corp Certification

Behind every certification is a story. Here are just a few of the initiatives that helped us raise the bar and earn our status as a B Corp:

Accountability & Oversight

We’re ensuring every aspect of our operations aligns with our mission, measuring our entire supply chain’s carbon footprint and setting reduction targets in line with climate science.

Eco-Conscious Designs

From forest to fabric, we’re helping Canada sleep green by sourcing sustainably-grown and produced fabrics (such as Organic Cotton, Bamboo & TENCEL™), obtaining third-party certifications, and curbing our emissions.

Circular Economy

To encourage a more sustainable, regenerative textile industry and reduce landfill waste, our textile take-back program, ReHome, lets you recycle old bedding in exchange for credits.

Lifelong Learning & Development

Our teams receive extensive training on our sustainable initiatives and product knowledge, plus awesome wellness benefits.

A Truly Diverse Workforce

No buzzwords need apply: with over 90% of our workforce made up of women and minority groups, we know how important it is to foster a diverse, equitable, and inclusive team.

Customer Experience

Our customers always come first — that’s why we calculated our Net Promoter Score (NPS) to understand exactly how they feel; we’re grateful to have received an A-grade!

Community Care

Through our ever-growing fundraising initiatives and 10,000 Dreams program, we’ve donated thousands to communities across Canada, helping organizations provide comfort to those in need.

Did You Know? Since 2019, We’ve Reduced Our Emissions
By Over 5% Year-Over-Year.

Rest assured, We’re Doing Our Part

We’re thrilled to be Canada’s first bedding company with a B Corp Certification…
but this is far from the end of our sustainability journey.

To truly be in the business of doing better, we’re focused on the future ahead and finding new avenues for positive change. Dive into our latest sustainability strategy + annual report to discover how we’re making a difference today: Learn More

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