Conseils pour une décoration d'automne confortable : Comment décorer votre maison pour la saison de la nidification

Conseils pour une décoration d'automne confortable : Comment décorer votre maison pour la saison de la nidification

2023 Oct 12th

Alors que nous passons des longues et glorieuses heures de plaisir en plein air de l'été aux journées plus courtes et plus fraîches qui s'annoncent, il devient particulièrement important de créer une base domestique confortable. Après tout, vous passerez plus de temps à l'intérieur et au lit... alors pourquoi ne pas vous assurer d'avoir un espace de vie et une chambre à coucher confortables et accueillants ?

But wait, before you grab that pumpkin spice latte, let's dive into some fall decor tips to make your home a comfy, inviting haven that'll have you counting the days till winter. Buckle up; it's going to be a cozy ride!

1. Choisissez votre palette de couleurs et les tendances de l'automne

The first step in your fall refresh? Get creative with colour! There’s no better way to signal a seasonal shift than to align your overall decorating strategy with a trending aesthetic or colour story. In this section, we’ll discuss a few of the trending tones we’ve been loving lately, as well as the easiest way to make a statement without overhauling your interior.When it comes to decorating, our creative director Ross has identified three key trends to watch for: Balance, Connect and Eclipse.

The first, Balance, is inspired by the rich abundance and resilience of the natural world, which can teach us important lessons about achieving a balanced life. Design cues include decidedly autumnal palettes from every corner of the colour wheel and botanical painterly dreamscapes.

The Connect trend continues this notion, embracing natural elements for a calm and comforting retreat. It's about self-care, nurturing, and emotional understanding. Featured colours are inspired by the comforting essence of natural materials like wood, marble and stone.

Finally, Eclipse refers to the trend of re-creating luxurious spaces using rich jewel tones and decadent materials. While warm shades like oranges, reds, yellows, and browns will always be a mainstay choice for conjuring the spirit of fall, don’t be afraid to experiment with cooler, deeper shades when it comes to this trend!

Explore Fall Winter Trends.

Now that you’ve identified which trends you want to incorporate, it’s time to make a statement!We’ll touch on how you can renew your living room in a moment, but first let’s focus our attention to where you start and end your days: your bedroom!

2. Make Your Bedroom Extra Warm & Cozy

When figuring out how to decorate your bedroom for fall, it’s important to make sure that form meets function. As the weather cools down, you’ll thank yourself for adding some extra warmth on top and/or inside of your new duvet covers.

The best way to ward off wintery chills depends heavily on what type of climate you’re in. If temperatures dip significantly where you are, we recommend swapping out your summer duvet entirely for a cozy new goose down duvet instead, as goose down’s insulating qualities are superior to all other fills (you can learn everything you need to know about different duvets types here). 

Our Couette Legacy en duvet d'oie blanche Hutterite et Couette Cachet en duvet d'oie hongroise sont des options fabuleuses pour rester au chaud sans ajouter trop de poids à votre lit.

If your region experiences mild winters, layering something warm overtop of your regular duvet might be just the solution for you. Try keeping a cozy neutral piece like our Pura Vida Quilt Set on-hand, or for a more rustic fall look, layer on a decorative piece, like our reversible Purcell Cotton Quilt Set (shown below).

3. Soyez créatif avec la décoration automnale du salon

Il est temps de passer au salon ! Mais ne vous inquiétez pas, il n'est pas nécessaire de peindre les murs ou d'acheter de nouveaux meubles. Pour ajouter une touche automnale, il suffit d'accessoiriser ! 

First things first: use the design trends identified in Tip #1 to inform your approach. 

Whether you prefer warm, rich hues, relaxed neutrals, or bold jewel tones this fall season, there are on-trend decor options out there for everyone! You don’t have to stick with the same trend story as your bedroom by any means.

Ensuite, il suffit d'ajouter quelques "pièces d'exception" à votre salon, comme des couvertures, des coussins et des accessoires de table basse. Ces éléments contribuent grandement à rafraîchir l'énergie de n'importe quel espace, et ce, sans se ruiner !

For an extra cozy touch, add on textured throw blankets over your space is another sure-fire effortlessly create that super cozy fall look and warm up your interior.You can build additional depth and interest by playing around with different textures and colors of throw pillows and cushions

Try picking at least one neutral shade and one pop of colour for added dimension. If you have a favourite fall cookbook or magazine, feel free to put that on display! Combine the above with some spicy scents and DIY autumn decor, and you’ll create a cozy living room and couchscape worth fall-ing for indeed.

4. Ajoutez la touche finale parfaite de l'automne

The final step to creating a seasonal home sanctuary is to incorporate a few decorative elements that really show you’ve gone the extra mile.

With Halloween approaching, it's time for spooky decor and pumpkins. Carving can be messy, so consider our DIY Fabric-Wrapped Pumpkins. Get crafty with this tutorial to create unique decorations you’ll have a spook-tacular time making!

For another tip: spritz a spicy scent to really bring the season to the forefront of your senses. Our Good Health Purifying Essential Oil Mist is perfect for this, as the all-natural spray features warm notes of cinnamon and clove. If you want your new linens to smell similarly come laundry day, our Linen Love Wool Dryer Ball Set & Laundry Blend is just the thing for you!

Now that you’ve brought new energy to your bedroom and living room with the help of some spicy scents, specially-made decor, and soft accessories, it’s time to enjoy all the rest this fall season has to offer!Share your updated space with us, and tag us on social using #myQEstyle. If you need more fall decorating ideas, feel free to book a consultation with one of our bedding and decor experts, or visit any of our 70+ stores across Canada.

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