30+ Last-Minute Comfy Gift Ideas & Holiday Bedding & For Every Personality On Your List

30+ Last-Minute Comfy Gift Ideas & Holiday Bedding & For Every Personality On Your List

2023 Dec 12th

Picture this: the holidays are fast approaching, you’ve still got a bunch of people on your list, and no time left to brainstorm. Sound familiar? Well, no fear: we’ve whipped up this post to help you find perfect gifts that’ll warm your recipients heart in a pinch, thanks to their cozy n’ comfy nature.

Whether you're shopping for the perpetual nap enthusiast, the trendsetting interior decorator, the luxury lover, or the notoriously hard-to-buy-for, this curated collection of 30+ last-minute comfy gift ideas & holiday bedding has suggestions tailored to suit all types of personalities. So, keep reading to get your ho-ho-(w)hole list over with, quick!

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Gifts for the Nap Enthusiast

Know someone who lives to laze around and revel in the art of the afternoon — dare we say, all-day — siesta? These rest-ready gifts are ideal for our sleepyhead associates.

Our Channel Faux Fur Comforter Set in Winter White shown on a bed.

Ensembles de couettes

Help them take their siesta spaces to the next level with this velvety-soft and snuggly comforter set: great on its own, or as a warming top layer.

Puff Plush Slippers - Frosted Blue

The perfect accessory for lazy days spent lounging at home, these slippers are oh-so-plush and extra plump to keep their toesies toasty.

Rabbit Carved Faux Fur Throw - Snow

This cozy, faux fur throw is made for cuddling up on the couch or tucking into a mid-day dream.

Gifts for the Luxury Lover

Have a special friend who loves the finer things in life? These luxury gifts are a testament to the idea that true indulgence begins in the bedroom.

Our 100% Mulberry Silk Gift Set in Snow White shown with some wrapped gifts.

100% Soie de mûrier Cadeau ensemble

On the hunt for a sumptuous stocking stuffer? These sets include an eye mask, queen sized pillowcase, and either a scrunchie or delicates bag, all made of 100% mulberry silk to give the gift of beauty sleep.

Oreiller Luxurious Down

Nothing says treating someone to the best sleep than gifting them the cloud-like comfort of premium down. This indulgent, high-quality head rest is also DOWNMARK® certified and crafted in Canada.

100 % Soie de mûrier drap - Argent

With its anti-aging, beauty-boosting, and moisture-wicking properties, this opulent fabric has earned its luxurious reputation for good reason — and those who live the good life will relish the opportunity to enrobe their bed in the finest grade available.

Broderie sur mesure

QE home offers a custom embroidery option, so you can add their name (or any other personalized touch) to a variety of silk goods and towels to craft a deeply personal, unique gift.

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Gifts for the Wannabe Interior Designer

The aspiring interior designers among us are always dreaming up new ways to put a fresh spin on a space. In light of this, we’ve come up with some great options that will get their creative juices flowing in no time.

Coussins remplis

Every interior decorator knows how to use the right accessories to transform a room. This eye-catching centerpiece adds a charming, playful touch to brighten your bedroom or living room.

Noelle Star courtepointe ensemble

Given these trendsetters are all about keeping things current, this ultra chic quilt set offers a stylish, modern way they can imbue some holiday cheer into their humble abode.

Pillow and Euro Shams

An easy interior design hack to help them up their decorating ante whenever the desire emerges. With a simple swap or addition, these stylish accessories add a touch of sophistication and a pop of personality to any living space.

Gifts for the Sustainable Superstar

Green goddesses, eco warriors, granola heads…whatever you want to call them, these personalities consider the impact on the planet in all that they do. Luckily for you, there are a ton of incredible, earth-friendly bedding options available here at QE Home.

Our Eucalyptus Luxe Sheet Set in White shown on a bed.

Eucalyptus Luxe drap ensemble en blanc

For starters, the environmentally-sound sheeting world is an oasis of opportunity — and TENCEL™ blend fabrics — sourced from renewable raw materials using sustainable, closed-loop production processes —are a gift anyone would go ga-ga for.

BeechBliss TENCEL™ Modal drap ensemble en nuage

From buttery-soft Eucalyptus Luxe to our silky smooth BeechBliss, the eco-warrior recipient on your list will love how these sheets look, feel, and perform.

Organic Flannel Cotton Sheet Set in Blue Smoke

For a decidedly festive route, get them set up in some winter-themed sheets made from all-natural organic cotton goodness.

Eyeing something else? As Canada’s first B Corp Certified bedding brand, you can rest assured QE Home has been independently verified to meet high standards of social and environmental impact, pursuing responsible production practices and meticulously accounting for our ecological footprint in all that we do.

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Gifts for the Minimalist Man

It can be difficult to know what to get for the minimalist men in your life. But if you combine great form with functionality and practicality, you’re certain to land a home run.

Our Cool Touch Blanket in Navy shown on a bed with a man sleeping.

Couvertures Cool Touch

Many men tend to sleep warm, so they’ll appreciate this cooling, easy-care layer that wicks heat away from the body and drops the temperature by 2 degrees.

Pochettes de chevet en feutre

This ultra convenient, sleek accessory will help him keep his bedside essentials organized and close by, allowing for easy access without adding visual clutter.

Vintage Washed European Linen Duvet Covers

For a close companion, linen duvet covers make the perfect gift thanks to their intentionally unfussy appearance and natural fiber breathability.

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Gifts for the ‘Type A’ Personality

For the meticulous souls who thrive on order and efficiency, we know even the realm of relaxation must take on a precise, calculated nature. These Type A-tailored gifts will do just the trick.

Our Linen Love Wool Dryer Ball Set shown with a duvet in a washing machine.

Linen Love Wool Dryer Ball Set & Essential Oil Laundry Blend in Good Night

Type A’s are always looking to optimize their energy output, and this laundry set is perfect for doing just that.

Cotton Percale Sheet Set in White

Give the gift of exceptionally crisp, hotel-worthy threads. A folded finish never looked so good!

100% Mulberry Silk Eye Masks

If they need everything to be just so to truly indulge in some shut-eye, our 100% mulberry silk eye masks will block out the light and defend against fine lines to boot.

Gifts for the Busy Bee

For those perpetually on-the-go, it’s never a bad idea to give accessories that'll help them keep pace with the many demands of their lifestyle.

Our 100% Mulberry Silk Wrapped Heatless Curler Set in Blush shown styled in a woman's hair.

100% Mulberry Silk Wrapped Heatless Curler Set in Blush

Help your busy bees achieve effortless curls with these heatless hair accessories — because we all know there’s no time to waste in the AM!

Serviettes en coton infusé au charbon de bois

These shower/gym-time essentials are infused with activated charcoal, making them highly absorptive and deodorizing, and helping your loved ones stay fresh for the long day ahead.

100% Mulberry Silk Wrapped Hairband

This hair-friendly headband helps tame their tresses so they can keep their eyes on the prize.

Nature's Way Laundry Kit in Good Night

Give the gift of cleaner, quicker, more sustainable laundry loads. This kit includes Unscented Tru Earth Laundry Strips, a mesh Laundry Bag, and Dryer Balls to prevent static and decrease drying time.

Gifts for the Outdoor Explorer

Some of us were born to get out there and explore the world. These gifts will help all your intrepid folks stay cozy and warm, no matter where they’re jetting off to next.

Our Packable Down Blanket shown wrapped around a woman sitting outside nearby a river.

Packable Down Blanket

This 500+ loft duck down duvet is a superb option for comfort on-the-go, thanks to its convenient stuff sack casing.

Traveler Gift Set

An ingenious, travel-ready combo, this set includes a portable TENCEL™ Modal Travel Sheet Sleep Sack, a Mulberry Silk Eye Mask in Pewter, and a reusable bag.

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Gifts for the Seasonally Affected

Alas, the lack of daylight hours and Vitamin D can leave many feeling down when winter rolls around. So why not provide your affected friends some solace, with soothing gifts that’ll conjure feelings of comfort and security?

A man shown laying in bed on our Embrace Body Pillow.

Oreiller de corps Embrace

Suitable for all types sleepers looking for some extra comfort and support, body pillows are another fabulous gifting option.

Couverture lestée All-Seasons

Weighted blankets are known to help users cultivate calmness and reduce anxiety/stress by mimicking the sensation of being held. (Honestly, who doesn’t want that?)

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Gifts for the Pet Parent

The prideful pet parent in your life is sure to appreciate gifts that pamper their furry friend, or make their care routine simpler.

A child and dog lay in bed.

Charlie & Co Ergonomic Oreiller à mémoire de forme Lit pour animaux de compagnie

Know someone who's always treating their companion to the very best? This memory foam (!) pet bed supports animals’ joint health, ensuring a happy and healthy sleep for years to come.

Protège-matelas imperméable SureRest

Pet owners know the pain of having to wash/sanitize bedding because their furry friends made a big ol’ mess. This thoughtful present will protect their mattress from any number of stains and substances.

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Gifts for Those You Don’t Quite Know

If you’ve been tasked with buying items for someone you don’t know much about, these crowd-pleasers are sure to do the trick.

Our collection of throw blankets and cushion covers shown neatly displayed in shelves.

Jeté Couvertures

Warm layers, cool winters: name a better duo!

Holiday Bedding Accessories

You can never go wrong with giving something on-theme. Help your recipients celebrate the season with holiday bedding accessories and home decor they can use to add a festive touch for years to come.

Carte cadeau électronique

Last but not least, get them exactly what they want…by letting them pick for themselves! Our Electronic Gift cards are available in $25-500 denominations, and the recipient will receive it directly to their email inbox for ultimate convenience.

Well, there you have it: 30 comfy gift ideas and holiday bedding advice to please all types of peeps on your list!

Of course, feel free to browse our extensive online catalog for more gifting inspiration, or head to our 70+ locations across Canada for personalized guidance too. We believe in you! 

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