8 Amazing Facts You Need To Know About Hemp

8 Amazing Facts You Need To Know About Hemp

2024 Mar 13th

In the world of sustainable fabrics, the fast-growing popularity of hemp and hemp blends has been impossible to ignore.

We’ve recently added this stellar fiber into our cozy repertoire with our Hemp Touch bedding collection, and it’s quickly becoming one of our favourite new fabrics, giving our beds a fresh taste of laid-back luxury.

Beyond our bedrooms, though, the world is still getting to know what makes hemp so marvelous, and we want to help get you up to speed. If you’re a little uncertain or skeptical about what this crop brings to the table, let us share some of the reasons why hemp is such a treat for you and Mother Earth herself.

1. The entire hemp plant can be used for several purposes.

A close up of hemp seeds and hemp oil.

Hemp is one of the most versatile plants in the world, and it’s impossible to gush about it without sharing its countless incredible uses. For starters, the wood-like inner stalk can be broken down to make certain types of biodegradable plastics, and can even be crafted into alternative building materials like hempcrete.

Meanwhile, its seeds can be pressed into hemp oil, which contains nutritious fatty acids, proteins, and minerals that can be used in cooking and skincare products. Lastly, its leaves and flowers feature chemical compounds called cannabinoids, which can be extracted for use in medicinal products that assist in anxiety relief or pain management.

2. Hemp fibers are made using just the stalk of the plant.

When it comes to hemp bedding and clothing, there’s only one part of the plant that we really need to use. This is because hemp fibers are typically made by pulling from the outer stalk of the plant, which can then be mixed with other materials to create soft, biodegradable fabrics (such as our Hemp Touch sheets). Outside of fabrics, this part of the plant can also be pulped and pressed to make extra-resilient paper!

3. Hemp plants benefit and improve the soil it grows in.

A person planting a hemp plant in soil.

Hemp’s many uses result in very little waste with each crop, but any pieces left behind still serve a valuable purpose. Excess parts that fall off the plant during growth can typically remain in the soil, bringing along several nutrients that help it flourish. This protects the soil from natural erosion and greatly improves its fertility, as well as preventing invasive weeds from growing nearby.

Besides benefiting the hemp plants themselves, the improved soil can also support the growth of other plants, particularly sensitive crops that require more love and care. Delicate species like peppermint, coriander, dill, and chamomile are excellent companions to hemp, and can even benefit gardens by inviting beneficial insects that contribute to healthy plant growth.

4. Hemp doesn’t require additional chemicals or pesticides.

In addition to benefiting its own soil, hemp doesn’t need much help growing safely and healthily. Its leaves are naturally antimicrobial and pest-resistant, preventing bacteria or fungi from forming and disrupting its growth. In fact, its pest prevention is so effective that hemp can be grown as a pest deterrent for other sensitive plants, doubling a protective neighbor, or by synthesizing the pest resistant qualities on its own.

These incredible traits also extend to hemp fibers, resulting in natively antifungal and antibacterial sheets for an easier, healthier sleep.

5. There is no such thing as GMO Hemp.

A hemp farm.

Sometimes nature can’t be improved on, and hemp is a key example. Genetically modified hemp doesn’t exist, simply because it can’t get more healthy or efficient than it already is! For the most part, if you’re ever buying a product that uses hemp in its ingredients or materials, you can rest assured knowing it’s the genuine plant, and not an artificial replacement.

6. Hemp grows massively in small spaces.

Much like bamboo plants, hemp doesn’t need very much space to grow, filling out soil plots with very little difficulty and creating massive quantities of harvestable materials. In fact, this impressive growth makes hemp the highest-yielding crop of any natural fiber, meaning each harvest results in more within the same amount of space ー around 250% more than cotton, and 600% more than linen!

Hemp also requires far less water when compared to many other fibers. It does need regular water for growth, and in its refinement into a usable fiber, but much like space it needs far less to cultivate than cotton or linen. Plus, since hemp growth is still a relatively new industry, the race to reduce its water usage is moving as fast as its popularity!

7. Hemp sheets are antibacterial and thermoregulating.

QE Home's Hemp Touch Sheeting shown on a bed.

Now that we’ve spent so much time talking about what makes hemp so great as a plant, it’s time to get into some of the reasons it’s great as a bedding fabric. For starters, hemp fibers carry over their antibacterial and antifungal properties so that you can enjoy an easier, healthier rest. They're also greatly adaptable when blended with other fibers, taking on the benefits of other materials with which they are spun (such as our Hemp Touch sheets, which are mixed with our signature TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers!).

Hemp fabrics are also wonderfully breathable, and excel at regulating temperature. Its moisture-wicking properties regulate temperature by allowing airflow, efficiently drawing sweat away to ensure comfort in any climate. Its porous structure also helps heat escape in warm conditions, all while retaining warmth in cooler environments. This natural adaptability makes hemp fabrics a dream for sleepers of any temperature or season.

8. Hemp fabrics get softer with every wash.

Lastly, hemp fabrics are brilliantly long-lasting, being exceptionally durable and hard-to-tear if you happen to roll around a lot in your sleep. Our Hemp Touch sheets in particular are also extremely easy to care for, being machine washable and dryable for a quick and simple clean. Even better, each wash will refresh the softness and benefits of your sheets, ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep with each laundry cycle.

But even on its own, these sheets feature an exceptionally comfortable and lived-in feel, similar to what you’d experience with our luxuriously soft Signature European Linen sheets. They are also pre-washed for an extra touch of softness, giving them an even more comfortable feel from the very first night.

QE Home's Hemp Touch Duvet Cover and Sheet Set in Grey shown on a bed styled with Hemp Touch Flat Sheet and Pillowcases in White.

If you love these facts as much as us, and want to join us on the hemp train, we strongly recommend you check out our full Hemp Touch collection. These sheet sets, duvet covers, and pillowcases carry all of hemp’s incredible benefits, and are sure to help you enjoy a sounder, softer, and greener sleep.

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