Les 10 meilleures raisons d'aimer le lin

Les 10 meilleures raisons d'aimer le lin

2021 4 mars

Le lin est l'un des tissus les plus anciens et les plus durables au monde. Il y a des milliers d'années, les Romains portaient des toges en lin. Plus tôt encore, les Égyptiens de l'Antiquité ont créé l'industrie du lin. Même la robe blanche emblématique de Cléopâtre (appelée kalasiris) était en lin !

Beloved for its breathability and durability, linen remains a popular choice to this day. But perhaps why people love it most is its relaxed yet refined aesthetic; its naturally lived-in feel is part of its inherent beauty and effortless, laid-back style.

It’s the kind of bedding you can just throw on your bed, no tucking or tugging required. So unless you’re committed to a wrinkle-free look, here are a few reasons you may want to give linen bedding a try!

Quels sont les avantages de la literie en lin ?

1. Linen is wonderfully long-lasting

With proper care, linen can last a lifetime. In fact, in Europe, linen is often passed down for generations as a family heirloom. That’s why you'll often hear this fabric referred to as an investment. And its longevity is no mystery…

Made from the hardy flax plant, linen is one of the strongest natural textiles. Due to the flax plant’s thicker, longer fibers, it’s two to three times stronger and more durable than cotton. This also makes linen highly resistant to damage and unlikely to pill.

Fun fact: In 1922, upon opening King Tut’s tomb, archeologists found linen curtains in beautiful condition. Now, that’s a long-lasting textile!

2. Linen gets softer and softer with age

Like a fine wine, linen only gets better with age. The more you use and wash linen bedding, the softer and more supple it becomes. That’s not to say it loses its shape. Linen has a natural elasticity that prevents it from bagging out, even with repeated washing.

So there are no downfalls to washing your linen often! On the contrary, well-washed linen is even more comfortable. To give you a head start on this softness, we ‘vintage wash’ our linen, a natural pre-washing process.

3. Linen is naturally eco-friendly

Flax is an all-round eco-friendly plant. The best fibers are used to produce linen, but virtually every other part of the plant is used too! For example, flax seeds are pressed into linseed oil or made into nutritional supplements.

The flax plant is also easy to cultivate and requires less water and chemicals to thrive. After harvesting, the roots of the plant fertilize the soil, which helps the next batch grow. And as a fabric made from 100% natural fibers, linen is fully biodegradable.

4. Linen is a natural insulator (AKA temperature regulating!)

Did you know flax is a popular choice for home insulation? Yes, these natural fibers provide excellent thermal insulation, while also dealing with moisture (more on this in a sec!) — properties that translate to a cozy sleep in cooler weather.

This may be surprising, as linen is much better known for its cooling ability. With its lightweight, breezy texture, linen can keep you cool on even the hottest summer nights. But now you know, this versatile fabric works for both winter and summer!

5. Linen is highly absorbent (AKA moisture wicking!)

Linen can absorb up to 20 times its weight in moisture! In science speak, it’s a “hygroscopic” fabric. That means it rapidly absorbs and releases moisture, allowing it to evaporate. (A quality we often refer to as ‘moisture wicking’.) What does that mean for you? Bedding that doesn’t get clammy or clingy, and a comfortable, dry night’s sleep even in hot weather.

6. Linen is highly breathable

Yet another reason why linen is known as a spring and summer staple. This fabric is highly ‘air permeable’. Simply put, it breathes. Research even shows a person wearing linen sweats two times less than a person wearing a synthetic material. (Sweaty sleepers take note!)

7. Linen is inherently hypoallergenic

As a textile made from 100% natural fibers, linen is inherently hypoallergenic. Its moisture wicking ability is a bonus here too, as bacteria and allergens thrive in moist environments. What’s more, the hardy flax plant resists bacteria, fungus, and insects — a property that translates to naturally antibacterial bedding!

Our Vintage Washed European Linen is also OEKO-TEX® certified, a standard that ensures it’s free of harmful chemicals (the culprits for many allergic reactions!) and safe for your home.

Fun fact: Back in Ancient Egypt, linen was often used for bandages due to its antibacterial and skin-friendly properties.

8. Linen resists static

Linen is considered an ‘anti-static’ fabric. How does it do it? Again, it’s all about this fabric’s ability to absorb water. Linen’s natural fibers conduct moisture, which acts as a ‘defense’ against static electricity. Yet another reason why linen bedding won’t cling to the skin!

9. Linen has a lovely texture

It’s not silky or buttery soft like TENCEL™ Lyocell and Modal, or super smooth like a Bamboo Blend. Linen has a lovely texture, unlike any other fabric. Thicker flax fibers make for a more prominent weave with an organic, tactile feel.

‘Slubs’ are another characteristic that contributes to this texture. These small, soft, irregular lumps occur randomly along a piece of linen. But far from being a defect, slubs are considered part of the relaxed, aesthetic appeal of this fabric.

10. Linen is effortlessly stylish

Linen has that perfect, relaxed ‘scrunch’ factor. It looks beautiful, whether you’re the type of person who makes their bed every morning or not!

Generally, linen comes in natural colours, like beige or grey. These soft neutrals are timeless and versatile, fitting seamlessly into any space. For those who love a boho, farmhouse, or classic style, look no further than linen.

Vous êtes prêt à vous reposer sur la literie en lin ?

De la piste de danse à la chambre à coucher, le lin ne peut se tromper.

Mais au-delà de l'esthétique, ce tissu présente un attrait pratique. Avec des avantages allant de la longévité à la durabilité, il existe de nombreuses raisons de choisir la literie en lin...

And with our new and improved Signature Vintage Washed European Linen, there are even more!

Made from French flax for exceptional durability, our linen is breezy and lightweight with a relaxed, lived-in look you’ll love. France is renowned for producing the finest flax fibers, so you can rest assured we have quality covered. With four beautiful colours to choose from, we have style covered too! SHOP LINEN BEDDING!

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