Lunar New Year Style: the Best Bedding For Your Chinese Zodiac Sign

Lunar New Year Style: the Best Bedding For Your Chinese Zodiac Sign

2024 Feb 15th

Just because 2024 is the Year of the Dragon doesn’t mean you should let last year’s home decor drag-on! Instead, take this Lunar New Year as a sign to refresh your nest, embrace the spirit of renewal, and beckon in new beginnings…with new bedding!

Need some pointers? In this guide, we’ll explore how to tailor your linens to the unique traits of your Chinese zodiac sign and get the most luck out of your sleep space. Whether you’re the Year of the Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, or Pig, we’ve got bedding that speaks to the nature of your animal so you can align your sleep space with the lunar calendar.

Note: these personality traits are broad generalizations based on Ancient Chinese teachings — your mileage may vary. Be sure to check out our blog Astrology 101: The Perfect Bedding For Every Zodiac Sign for more intuitive decor tips.

Chinese Zodiac 2024 & Your Ideal Bedroom Decor

Year of the Rat

Cunning, clever, and resourceful, those born in the Year of the Rat are known for being charming opportunists. They’re always ready to adapt and navigate social interactions with ease, making the most out of their environment.

These individuals should opt for a neutral bedroom base with an intriguing texture — such as our Boca Duvet Cover. Like the versatile Rat, these linens complement countless other colours and patterns while captivating all on their own.

A graphic representing the Year of the Rat, showing our Boca Duvet Cover with a red border.

Year of the Ox

Those born in the Year of the Ox are reliable, practical, and down to earth. Convention and tradition are sacred to these individuals, and you can always count on them to stay the course.

Unsurprisingly, tried and true aesthetics are the most desirable to our bullish brethren. Our Landon Duvet Cover, with its timeless heathered grey design and sensationally-soft blend of linen, cotton, and TENCEL™, combines the familiarity and quality of natural fibers with sustainability and durability of TENCEL™ for an effortlessly comfortable slumber.

A graphic representing the Year of the Ox, showing our Landon Duvet Cover with a red border.

Year of the Tiger

If you were born in the year of the big cat, you’re a trailblazer with a bold, confident, and passionate personality. In other words, these trendsetters never shy away from making a stylish statement — so opt for eye-catching designs that speak to this fashion conscious, liberated spirit.

Our Villeray Duvet Cover features hand-painted silhouetted leaves in rich chocolate, gold, and turquoise tones, and is a promising pick for these individuals. Like the Tiger, these bed threads are sure to capture attention and add flair to any interior space — in their lucky colours, no less.

Design Tip: layer in other accessories like cushions and throws to amp it up even more.

A graphic representing the Year of the Tiger,  showing our Villeray Duvet Cover with a red border.

Year of the Rabbit

Individuals born in the Year of the Rabbit are characterized by their gentle, refined nature. They tend to have a calm demeanor while still being highly sensitive to other energies/environments, and prefer to express themselves through creative pursuits.

To reflect this, a Rabbit room might feature a pastel colour palette and painterly designs. Our Braganza Duvet Cover, with its delicate, romantic floral print and pale colour palettes, is certainly bunny-worthy bedding. And since these folks tend to be self-indulgent, Braganza’s luxuriously soft TENCEL™ blend will appeal.

Design Tip: add extra plushness with the Checkered Teddy Throw in Frosted Berry.

A graphic representing the Year of the Rabbit, showing our Braganza Duvet Cover with a red border.

Year of the Dragon

Known for their ambitious and magnetic personalities, those born in the Year of the Dragon are natural born leaders who will stop at nothing to achieve their dreams. Their innate desire to realize their goals propels them forward with boundless enthusiasm and energy, which convinces others to invest in their pursuits too.

A Dragon's bedroom should reflect this larger-than-life nature with striking colours and motifs. One fabulous example is the Mambo Duvet Cover, with its arresting design of vibrant watercolour blossoms that dance across the fabric. The reverse features a fuschia print for added interest.

A graphic representing the Year of the Dragon, showing our Mambo Duvet Cover with a red border.

Year of the Snake

The most mysterious of the bunch, those born in the Year of the Snake are intelligent, intuitive, and observant individuals that lead incredibly rich yet reserved lives. While they have no issues socializing amongst different circles, their private nature is always prevalent.

Snakes can reflect rich inner life to their linens by choosing sumptuous fabrics and designs that speak to their enigmatic nature. For example, the Plateau Duvet Cover — with its moody grey palette and buttery-soft TENCEL™ Lyocell blend, will do just the trick.

A graphic representing the Year of the Snake, showing our Plateau Duvet Cover with a red border.

Year of the Horse

Those who live freely and move quickly are likely to have been born in the Year of the Horse. These individuals are known for their outgoing and adventurous personalities, and wear their travels on their sleeves.

To ensure the Horse doesn’t feel too cooped up, linens that align with their intrepid interests are a surefire bet. The Raina Duvet Cover, for example, takes inspiration from the Kantha quilts of South Asia and adds a subtle nod to faraway places.

A graphic representing the Year of the Horse, showing our Raina Duvet Cover with a red border.

Year of the Goat

Creativity, emotionality, and empathy tend to characterize those who were born in the Year of the Goat. These kind-hearted folks are drawn to creative endeavours and meaningful connections, seeking beauty in all they behold.

Wondering how these traits translate to the bedroom? Well, Goats should go for decor that celebrates imagination and artistry. For instance, our Divine Duvet Cover, featuring an enchanting purple design reminiscent of expressive paintings from the 19th century, is sure to please.

Design Tip: Combining light layers with richly-coloured sheeting choices like our BeechBliss TENCEL™ Modal Sheet Set in Plum can really set the mood.

A graphic representing the Year of the Goat, showing our Divine Duvet Cover with a red border.

Year of the Monkey

Confident, innovative, and social, those born in the Year of the Monkey are master adapters who love to dazzle and charm with their quick wits and charisma. Translation: there’s never a dull moment when these folks are around.

Bedding-wise, choose charming designs that reflect the spirited nature of the Monkey via their colours, pattern, and playfulness. The Dover Duvet Cover, for example, captures these qualities thanks to its eye-catching paisleys and jewel-toned palette.

A graphic representing the Year of the Monkey, showing our Dover Duvet Cover with a red border.

Year of the Rooster

Similar to how these animals crow like clockwork come morning, those born in the Year of the Rooster tend to be meticulous, focused, and consistent. They thrive when everything is just so, and won’t rest unless they’ve stuck to their routine.

These folks are also quite conservative and old-fashioned — so don’t stray too far from convention when choosing bedding. The plaid design of the Larch Duvet Cover is a perfect choice here, as it nods to the classics while still keeping things interesting via slubbed, textured columns. And hey, it’s even got a little farmhouse flair to boot.

Design Tip: a Bedside Felt Pocket is an easy way to keep your nighttime essentials organized and closeby.

A graphic representing the Year of the Rooster, showing our Larch Duvet Cover with a red border.

Year of the Dog

Honest, practical, and fiercely loyal, Year of the Dog descendents possess a strong sense of responsibility and commitment to those around them. They are dedicated and dependable to a fault, and without a doubt the most reliable of any Chinese zodiac signs.

Linen-wise, tried-and-true vintage looks appeal to these steadfast souls. We recommend the Amara Duvet Cover, as this bedding collection not only pays tribute to the aesthetics of those well-loved patchwork quilts, but also features an Organic Cotton shell that only improves with age.

A graphic representing the Year of the Dog, showing our Amara Duvet Cover with a red border.

Year of the Boar

Those born in theYear of the Pig are calm, cheerful, optimistic people who prefer the simple pleasures of life. Pigs are also a symbol of wealth in Chinese culture, so these folks tend to be financially-savvy despite their modest nature.

Bedroom decor should follow these principles, favouring comfortable finishes that don’t get caught up in too much glitz and glam. The Stonehaven Duvet Cover, with its perfectly-imperfect woven texture and neutral beige palette, is an excellent choice.

Plus, QE Home’s accessible pricing and frequent sales means you’re making a smart choice money-wise when you shop our selections.

A graphic representing the Year of the Boar, showing our Stonehaven Duvet Cover with a red border.

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We hope this guide helps with all your 2024 Lunar New Year decorating dreams.

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