6 Reasons to use a Duvet Cover vs. a Comforter

6 Reasons to use a Duvet Cover vs. a Comforter

2018 Mar 26th

The duvet cover versus comforter question has been an ongoing debate among the sleepers of the world, with many people taking to the internet to ask their overseas peers, “what is this giant pillow case surrounding the comforter?”

A huge factor in what you choose to dream under can depend on which country you grew up in. European countries such as the UK almost use the duvet (which really is just French for “comforter”) plus duvet cover method exclusively. Those in the U.S. however, may have grown up with just a comforter on their bed and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Everything has its pros and cons. However, using a duvet cover has some seriously great benefits:

1. Protect and increase the longevity of your duvet.

With duvets, especially down-filled, getting higher in quality and therefore more expensive, they’ve become real investment pieces. You want to get bang for your buck and one important way of doing that is to use a duvet cover. The extra layer surrounding the duvet will take on any dirt and dust, and prevent the shell of the duvet from wearing. The added layer also helps to keep down from escaping.

2. Cleaning becomes a breeze.

Washing your duvet cover is far less hassle than cleaning your comforter. Most comforters require dry cleaning and over time, those bills can really add up! For duvet covers, you simply have to take them off and throw them in the laundry machine. The covers are machine washable and often quick to dry. This ease factor may really come into play when you’ve got pets constantly shedding all over your bedding!

3. Change the look of your bedroom easily and inexpensively.

Like changing clothes for your bed, switching out duvet covers is an easier and more cost effective way to redecorate the focal point of your bedroom. Buying multiple comforters can hurt your wallet and the available choices are limited. The variety of duvet covers offered now is incredible and at QE Home | Quilts Etc., we’ve got styles to suit all seasons and tastes, young and old.

4. Save space.

Whether you’ve bought multiple designs or you’re stowing away some layers for the warmer months, you’ll never have any trouble finding space for your extra duvet covers. Even keeping additional sets for the guest bedroom is a no-brainer! Like sheets, the covers fold tightly and efficiently into any linen closet. No more need to empty out half a closet for your spare comforters!

5. Fine tune the temperature of your duvet.

According to whether you’re a warm or cold sleeper, you want to pick a duvet that suits your needs. However, duvet covers are a great way to slightly increase the versatility of your duvet. With covers now available in a variety of fabrics, you can hone in on the desired warmth. Choose a Tencel or bamboo-blend set to add cooling properties to your bedding. Or perhaps try a flannel cover for that extra bit of warmth!

6. Ditch the insides and use it as a lightweight cover.

For those hot sleepers that simply need a couple layers of fabric to get them through the summer, take out the duvet and use just the cover as a thin blanket. Your bed will stay pretty and you’ll stay cool.

Making the leap from comforters to duvets will be a choice you won’t regret! As for the duvet cover versus top sheet debate …well that’s another blogpost.

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