Beauty Rest: 5 B-Corp Products to Get Your Best Sleep Ever

Beauty Rest: 5 B-Corp Products to Get Your Best Sleep Ever

2024 Mar 14th

Did you know World Sleep Day is observed each year on March 15th? While this annual celebration of slumber is certainly an excuse to get some much-needed zzzs, it’s also a reminder to prioritize healthy sleep habits and invest in your nighttime rituals. But with so many environmental concerns to keep us awake at night, finding sustainable sleep solutions is a must.

Luckily, B Corp certifications are your key to finding brands that care about the people and planet as much as their products. Today, we’ll explore six B-Corp Certified offerings designed to help you achieve a more rejuvenating sleep. From luxurious bedding to revitalizing sleep aids, rest assured these products are not only eco-friendly, but crafted with your comfort and sleep quality in mind.

1. Sleep soundly on a sustainable mattress

The first foundation of better sleep is investing in a high-quality mattress. Our NEW Oasis Hybrid Mattress provides a B-Corp Certified option for comfort you can count on, night after night.

A graphic showing QE Home's MLILY Oasis Hybrid Mattress with the text: "#1 Where you lay improves your day"

With OEKO-TEX® and CertiPUR-US certifications, plus a 10-Year Warranty, you can rest easy knowing that quality is guaranteed. Features include cool gel air foam, supportive cushioning foam, orthopedic pocket springs, stabilizing foundation foam, and a machine-washable cooling cover.

Our Oasis Hybrid Mattress by MLILY shown on a bed next to its cardboard box.

Available at select QE Home stores: Hillside Centre (Victoria, BC), Park Royal Shopping Centre (West Vancouver, BC), St. Albert Centre (St. Albert, AB), Timmins Square (Timmins, ON), Willowbrook Shopping Center (Langley, BC).

2. Snooze peacefully on eco-friendly sheets

When it comes to achieving a truly restorative night's sleep, every detail matters. That’s why your choice of bedsheets should be no exception!

A graphic showing a QE Home Sheet Set in its packaging with the text: "#2 Do you invest in your rest?"

As Canada’s leading B-Corp Certified bedding company, QE Home offers a variety of soft, sumptuous, and sustainable sheets to suit every sleeper. From Bamboo blends and Organic Cotton to award-winning TENCEL™, our sheets are meticulously designed using materials that are gentle on your skin and the environment. Snooze soundly knowing your sleep will make a positive impact on you and the world.

Go the extra mile for your skin, and don’t skimp out on pillowcases. Choose antifungal and antibacterial fabrics like TENCEL™ and bamboo charcoal. Avoid cotton, which is extra absorbent and will pull moisture from your skin, which can exacerbate dehydration and wrinkles.

Our Elm Bamboo Cotton Sheet Set shown on a bed.

For extra slip that won’t tug on your skin as you sleep, we suggest opting for 100% Mulberry Silk pillowcases, they are a great way to get all those skin and strand benefits.They’re made with 100% mulberry silk, the finest grade available, so you can truly enjoy a luxurious, benefit-rich beauty rest. However, be cautious of cheaper imitations such as polyester satin pillowcases, as synthetic fibers can have the opposite effect on your skin than desired!

3. Achieve better sleep dreams with ease

The hours leading up to bedtime can be transformed into a rejuvenating experience. By incorporating natural sleep aids into your nightly routine, you'll wake up feeling refreshed and revitalized effortlessly… now if that isn’t truly the dream!

One of the products we're loving from a B-Corp Certified brand is Quebec-based Oneka’s Lemon Balm Herbal Infusion. Mix it with hot water as part of your nightly winddown routine, and enjoy better sleep (and improved digestion), all thanks to Mother Nature.

This formula is made from plants organically grown on a family-owned farm. Moreover, each purchase helps protect the ocean, as the equivalent of 3 PLASTIC BOTTLES* is removed from coastal areas for every 500ML of Oneka product purchased!

A graphic showing Oneka Elements Lemon Balm Herbal Infusion in its packaging with the text: "#3 Drink lemon balm, feel calm"

To incorporate sleep-friendly ingredients into your overall routine, read our blog post Best Foods For A Good Night’s Sleep.

4. Regenerate your hair health overnight

On a similar note, your hair can stand to benefit from some downtime too. So why not wake up to stronger, healthier-looking hair by investing in the right products?

Aveda’s botanical repair™ strengthening overnight serum is one B-Corp certified product that uses Nangai oil to nourish strands, repair hair bonds, and reduce split ends. All you have to do is apply some before you snooze to unlock.

A graphic showing Aveda's Botanical Repair ™ Strengthening Overnight Serum with the text: "#4 Strengthens hair for nightly repair"

For a low-maintenance haircare routine, you might be surprised by the value the right choice of bed sheet fabric can add—beauty sleep is more than just a cliché! Silky-smooth fabrics like silk and TENCEL™ Modal are a secret weapon for locking in moisture, reducing friction, and keeping your hair looking glossy.

A woman shown laying on a bed holding a pillow dressed with QE Home's Mulberry Silk Pillowcases in Blush.

The bonus, if you're partial to a more elaborate hair routine, silk in particular will help overnight treatments stay put and improve absorption, allowing you to get the most out of your nighttime nourishments.

5. Relax with eco-responsible scents

Last but not least, you can promote a deeper, more rejuvenating slumber by soothing your senses. One way to do that is by adding a calming scent, as research shows smells can reduce anxiety, lower cortisol levels, and promote feelings of serenity.

Prosperity Candle is one B-Corp certified brand and social enterprise that offers incredible smelling products to aid your olfactory slumber journey, such as their Lavender Candle. Lavender oil is a popular aromatherapy choice for sleep and relaxation. These candles are created by partnering with women refugees, giving these artisans the opportunity to build brighter futures for themselves.

Tip: Avoid burning candles while you sleep; instead, light them in the evening as you unwind and prepare to switch off for the day.

A graphic with Prosperity Candle's Lavender Candle with the text: "#5 Embrace the glow dreams will flow"

To naturally incorporate fragrance into your bed sheets, use our wool dryer ball set infused with an essential oil blend. Not only will you reap the plethora of benefits offered by dryer balls, but you'll also enjoy the subtle aroma infused into your bedding. Could there be anything more relaxing than slipping into fresh-from-the-dryer bedding that smells nice, naturally?

Our Linen Love Wool Dryer Ball Set shown on a white background.

We hope you enjoyed this quick list of sustainable solutions to help you get your best rest. You can always find more B-Corp certified beauty sleep boosters by browsing through our website, or visiting any of our 70+ locations. And don’t forget to get a weekly dose of dreamy info by subscribing to our newsletter!

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